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Marble Surface

About Kenzie

Hey ya'll, I LOVE weddings, obvi. I launched our business with a simple goal: to help brides navigate their wedding planning process and enjoy their dream day!

I'm a small town girl at heart and grew up in Fairbury, Nebraska where I discovered my love for art and design. After getting my bachelor's degree in art education, I moved to northern Colorado where I'm now in my 9th year teaching visual art and design.

Shortly after moving to Colorado, I met up with some dude from Hinge and we kinda sorta fell in love, got married, and  had two beautiful kiddos. Life  is crazy!

Moving to Colorado, launching my own business, and meeting a guy from the internet were all a little scary, but without taking the leap of faith, I wouldn't have some of the most important things in my life. 

So take a small leap of faith and allow me make your dreams come true. Let's make some magic together.

Our logo...hand drawn and designed by Kenzie:

I’ve always had an obsession with pine trees. Forests have enchanted me, and even more so, what’s below the surface. Trees have these amazing root systems that keep them alive, keep them growing, keep them safe. The two trees in our logo represent Teryn and I- our similarities, our differences, and how we grow, but remain side by side. Our roots keep us stable and individual, but are intertwining us as our two worlds have come together to be one in marriage. 

KKW Transparent.png

About Teryn

Hello everyone. As you all know, weddings are a magical time in two people's lives and after Kenzie and I got married, I got a taste of this magic. Kenzie and I enjoyed planning our own wedding so much she dreamed the idea of starting a business in the wedding industry. I encouraged her to go for it and told her I am behind her all the way. Thus, Kenzie Kerr Weddings was born.

I was born and raised in Colorado and have a deep love for this beautiful state, and all that Colorado has to offer.

 I attended college in Denver and received a Bachelors degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management. I currently work in operations in the hotel industry. As a hospitality professional, I am passionate about people and serving others. Special events have always been a passion of mine.

It is a dream come true being fortunate enough to own and operate a business with the love of my life while pursing our passions. 

I appreciate your interest in our business and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help make your dream wedding come true.

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